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The search engine will compare prices online and help you find the cheapest plane tickets to Kharkov. We will compare flight offers on airline websites, at online travel agencies and at the booking offices of the airport in Kharkov. All you need to do is choose the most suitable option of a ticket to Ukraine.

Cheap flights to Kharkov 2020

Below you will find tickets for flights to Kharkov, found by the users of The closer the departure date, the higher the cost; the most expensive tickets are for flights departing today and tomorrow.

Manchester - Kharkov U2 1871 EasyJet Airbus A320
13:00 Manchester Airport
in a way 7 hours 15 min 1 transfer
20:15 Kharkov Airport
Find 01 October 2020
Aberdeen - Kharkov KL 1442 KLM Embraer EMB 175
09:00 Aberdeen International Airport
in a way 9 hours 0 min 2 transfers
18:00 Kharkov Airport
from £66 03 December 2020

*Prices are one way

All flights to Kharkov

The price of a ticket for a flight to Kharkov depends on the class of the flight: economy, comfort or business class; on the presence of baggage or hand luggage; whether it is a one-way or a round-trip flight, a direct flight to Kharkov or one with a transfer. The search engine takes into account all of these factors, and always offers the best travel option.

Cheap flights from Kharkov

Below you will find a selection of popular tickets for flights from Kharkov airports and their prices. To purchase a ticket for a flight departing from Kharkov, click on the “Buy” button opposite the destination you are interested in, and we will compare the cost.

Kharkov - London W6 1636 Wizz Air Airbus A321
14:50 Kharkov Airport
in a way 6 hours 20 min 1 transfer
21:10 Luton
from £19 31 October 2020
Kharkov - Manchester PS 26 UIA Embraer 195
09:30 Kharkov Airport
in a way 6 hours 20 min 1 transfer
15:50 Manchester Airport
Find 01 October 2020
Kharkov - Aberdeen PS 24 UIA Boeing 737-800
05:05 Kharkov Airport
in a way 11 hours 35 min 2 transfers
16:40 Aberdeen International Airport
Find 01 October 2020

*Prices are one way

All flights from Kharkov

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