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Plane tickets from London to Chicago with Norwegian Air

Below are the prices of plane tickets for direct flights from London to Chicago from the airline Norwegian Air. The cost of the cheapest plane ticket for a flight from London to Chicago starts from £157 – the departure date of this flight is the 14 January 2021.

*Prices include: baggage, hand luggage, airline fees and charges.

Norwegian Air flight schedule London to Chicago

The current schedule of the Norwegian Air airline's direct flights from London to Chicago, indicating: the time of departure and arrival, the flight number, airport and day of the flight. Click on the "Select dates" link, select some dates and compare prices for free.

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Flight Information

Norwegian Air airplanes depart from London between 18:00 and 18:00.

The airline Norwegian Air carries out 1 direct flights to Chicago per day: DI 7151.

Flights are made from 1 London airport: Gatwick, and arrive at 1 Chicago airport: the O'Hare International Airport.

The flight time of the fastest scheduled flight from Norwegian Air, DI 7151, is 08:40 min. This flight departs from Gatwick Airport at 18:00 and arrives at 02:40 at the O'Hare International Airport. The modern Airbus A330-200 liner is used to carry out this flight.

The most popular airport in London from which Norwegian Air airplanes fly is Gatwick (1 flights from this airport), and the most popular airport of arrival in Chicago is the O'Hare International Airport (1 flights to this airport).


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Average flight time

09:02 min



3946 mi

Airlines on the route

In addition to Norwegian Air, 3 airlines fly on the route between London and Chicago. American Airlines carries out the most flights (4 per day).

*The number of flights carried out by an airline on this route.

London – Chicago flights from all airlines


Norwegian Air airplanes flying from London to Chicago:

  • Airbus A330-200 - 1
  • Boeing 787-900 - 1

*The number of Norwegian Air flights from London to Chicago carried out on board of this aircraft model.


Airports serving Norwegian Air's air communication between London and Chicago:

Gatwick  ~ 43 km* from £142

*Distance from the airport to the city.

O'Hare International Airport  ~ 25 km* from £121

Norwegian Air flights

When buying plane tickets for flights from London to Chicago with Norwegian Air, go to and compare the cost. It will take 3 minutes of your time, and you are guaranteed to get the lowest prices.

London - Miami DI 7043 Norwegian Air Boeing 787-900
12:00 Gatwick
in a way 9 hours 20 min Direct
21:20 Miami International Airport
from £121 25 May 2021
London - Seattle DI 7131 Norwegian Air Boeing 787-900
11:50 Gatwick
in a way 9 hours 55 min Direct
21:45 Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
from £218 20 November 2020
London - Austin DI 7181 Norwegian Air Boeing 787-900
12:00 Gatwick
in a way 10 hours 5 min Direct
22:05 Austin-Bergstrom International Airport
Find 30 October 2020
London - Orlando DI 7057 Norwegian Air Boeing 787-900
13:00 Gatwick
in a way 9 hours 10 min Direct
22:10 Orlando International Airport
from £205 20 January 2021
London - New York DI 7017 Norwegian Air Boeing 787-900
12:00 Gatwick
in a way 7 hours 50 min Direct
19:50 John F. Kennedy International Airport
from £128 15 May 2021
London - Los Angeles DI 7095 Norwegian Air Boeing 787-900
16:25 Gatwick
in a way 11 hours 10 min Direct
03:35 Los Angeles International Airport
from £189 14 December 2020
London - Chicago DI 7151 Norwegian Air Airbus A330-200
18:00 Gatwick
in a way 8 hours 40 min Direct
02:40 O'Hare International Airport
from £157 14 January 2021
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